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About Gate Automation Supplies

Gate Automation Supplies

Gate Automation Supplies is one of the UK’s leading specialist suppliers of kits for the automation of residential and commercial gates.

We provide trade installers and qualified end users with comprehensive, high quality gate automation kits from all leading manufacturers. More importantly, we negotiate great savings on the list prices for our gate automation products and pass these savings onto our customers.

With many years experience in the field of installing gate automation kits and parts, we understand how the industry works and how best to help trade installers become successful in these difficult times.

With a UK warehouse and test facility, Gate Automation Supplies guarantees next day delivery ex stock for orders taken before 2pm. We can test components and systems in our facility and we constantly analyse supplier kits to find the highest quality products at the best prices.

The Gate Automation Supplies website is design to provide a simple, quick way for you to find the right gate automation kits at the right prices.

Swing gate automation kits use either articulated arm, ram or underground gate motors.Select the most appropriate gate kits for your job based on the criteria below.

Articulated Arm Gate AutomationRam And Linear Screw Gate AutomationUnderground Gate Automation
Needs room for the arm as the gate opensNeed very little space to operate inDo not need a lot of space to operate and can open gates to 180 degrees with optional chain drive
Easier to installRequire carefull alignmentRequire carefull installation with drainage
Slightly more expensiveMost cost-effective gate automationNormally the most costly solution
More obvious when installedSlimlineAlmost invisible
Quicker to operateCan open larger gates with leaves up to 7mVersions available to open leaves up to 5m
Can normally be manually released from outside the gate with optional cable releaseCan only be manually released from inside the gateCan be manually released from outside the gate
More easily installed on large piers with gates hung away from the rear faceRequire a shorter distance between motor mounting and gate hinges on pillarsRequire a carefully positioned hole for foundation box and drainage
Electromechanical Can be hydraulicCan be hydraulic
Many models with built-in controls making for a compact installationSeparate control boxSeparate control box
230Vac and 24Vdc versions with obstacle detection for safer operation230Vac and 24Vdc versions with obstacle detection for safer operation230Vac and 24Vdc versions with obstacle detection for safer operation
Good option for new installersCost-effective soloution for more experienced installersNeed experience to install underground motors