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Erreka Transmitters

Erreka Transmitters
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Erreka IRIS IR02 433Mhz Rolling Code 2 channel transmitter

433Mhz rolling code, 2 channel transmitter - REPLACES Erreka RSOL transmitter ..

£22.33 Ex VAT £26.80 Inc VAT

Erreka IRIS IR04 433.92Mhz Rolling Code 4 Channel Transmitter

Four button rolling code transmitter in 433.92 Mhz (four channel) ..

£24.50 Ex VAT £29.40 Inc VAT

Erreka LR02 433.92Mhz Rolling Code 2 Channel Transmitter

Two button rolling code transmitter ..

£19.60 Ex VAT £23.52 Inc VAT

Erreka RSCAN radio frequency tester for 433.92Mhz/868Mhz

Tester of radio frequency 433.92 Mhz/868Mhz. ..

£151.22 Ex VAT £181.46 Inc VAT