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Beninca Transmitters

Beninca Transmitters
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Beninca Apple 433.92 Mhz 2 or 4 channel transmitter

Electronic signals & controls, rolling-code transmitters- Transmitter with surface mounting ..

£48.00 Ex VAT £57.60 Inc VAT

Beninca TO.GOAK 433.92MHz 2 or 4 channels fixed code remote control

Advanced fixed code 128bit transmitter. Replaced TO.GOWP dip switch transmitters.Available with..

£26.00 Ex VAT £31.20 Inc VAT

Beninca TO.GOVA 433.92Mhz 2 or 4 channels rolling code transmitter

TO.GO2VA and TO.GO4VA 433.92 Mhz rolling code transmitterAdvanced rolling code 128 bit/64 bit du..

£26.00 Ex VAT £31.20 Inc VAT

Beninca TO.GOWP 433.92MHz 2 or 4 channels dip-switch remote control - DISCONTINUED

The discontinued  Beninca TO.GOWP 433.92MHz remote control is replaced by the Beninca TO.GOVA. ..

£26.00 Ex VAT £31.20 Inc VAT

Beninca TO.GOWV 433.92Mhz rolling Code transmitter - DISCONTINUED

The TO.GOWV 433.92 Mhz rolling code transmitter is discontinued and replaced by the Beninca To.GOVA...

£26.00 Ex VAT £31.20 Inc VAT