How Much Do Electric Gates and Motors Cost?

Are you considering having electric gates fitted to your property, but are worried about how much they will cost? This article provides all the information you need.


Driveway Gates – Ornamental Gates – Wrought Iron Gates

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The most significant effect on the price of gates is down to how they look and what they’re made of. Ornate gate designs will always be more expensive than simpler designs.

The material used to make the gates also affects the cost. Timber gates using softwood are cheaper than hardwood gates but require significantly more maintenance and don’t nearly last as long. This means that not only do they cost more to own but they will almost certainly need replacing sooner than an equivalent hardwood gate.

Unfortunately, even hardwood gates will eventually deteriorate even if carefully maintained. They shrink when they dry out and expand as they soak up water. This causes bolts and screws to work loose and joints to open up. Eventually, water penetrates the wood thus allowing rot to develop.

How much do wooden gates cost

The cost of aluminium gates is close to hardwood ones and they don’t require any maintenance other than occasional cleaning.  They don’t absorb water and are protected from the elements by the surface coating that gives them their wood-effect finish or colour. As aluminium gates are designed to look like wooden gates, they provide the perfect alternative to wood without any of the drawbacks.

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Ornate iron gates are usually the most expensive. As they are constructed from a material that oxidises when exposed to water and oxygen (they rust), iron gates also need careful maintenance.

The more ornate the style, the more expensive your gates will be, and non-standard finishes and colours will add to the cost of new gates.


What Do Electric Automatic Gates Cost?

electric gates cost

One of the questions we are asked most frequently is, ‘How much do electric gates cost?’ There’s no doubt that this is a perfectly reasonable question for anyone considering installing an automatic gate system.

Any supplier of electric gates can give you prices of a complete system or the component parts like switches, rails, actuators. However, with a gate opening kit, just like any complex system of machine components assembled into a bespoke, new ‘machine’, there are many variables.

So, because every electronic gate system is different, even a rough price can be difficult to come up with without a site survey. This is normally carried out by a professional electric gate installer and answers all the questions needed to give you a quote for your gate opening system.

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What we can do here is go through the various elements that make up gate automation systems and break down each one to give a range of typical electric gates prices.


But first, we should consider the different types of gates:-

  • Where you need a bit more privacy (this especially being the case where you already have some tall fencing), you could choose a Courtyard gate. They are taller (around  1.8m) than normal driveway gates.
  • For a grander effect, select an Estate gate, originally designed for entrances to large estates, today they are sweeping swinging gates usually of metal and are becoming quite common for driveways looking for that rural look.
  • Then there is the Field gate (based on the traditional farm gate). A good choice for lower installations. For small openings, the Uni gate is another one to think about.
  • Then, we have the Picket gate, this is normally just for pedestrian access as, like the Uni gate they are usually quite small
  • Lastly, we have the wicket gate. These are small gates that is fitted by the side of larger gates, their purpose being to allow pedestrian access through without opening the bigger gate. Most good gate automation systems have a ‘partial open’ function to allow only pedestrians through, so if you do choose to have an electric gate fitted, you probably won’t need one of these.

how much are electric gates

Electric Gates Prices

Before you can start pricing the system, we should delve a little deeper into how the costs of an electric gate system are built up. The following is the basic list:

  • The price of the gates (and accessories such as the gate wheels)
  • The cost of the gate automation including electric gate motors prices, and costs for safety devices, like detectors and limit switches, transmitters, receivers, remote controls and any access control equipment including intercoms and keypads
  • How much the installation of the gates and gate automation costs including a safety audit, system design, ground works, power supply, commissioning and all installation labour
  • An annual budget for the operation and servicing of the gates and gate automation


electric gates prices

How Much Do The Gates Cost?

The largest physical components of any electric gate system are the gates themselves. A single sliding gate or two swing gates is the norm. You might think that using one gate to cover the opening would be cheaper than two, but in many instances, this is not the case as the single larger gate requires stronger components. Thus in practice there are not much saving to be had. Best to get the gate system you think looks the best for your property. However, if you use two swing gates to cover the same width as a single sliding gate, the swing gates will be more expensive because they  are more expensive to manufacture.

Swing Gate Openers v Electric Sliding Gates

how much do electric gates cost

Swing gates can be more expensive than sliding gates because there are two of them instead of a single sliding gate, however the sliding gates require more groundwork, so in the end the difference can be minimal.  As ever, it is best to purchase the system that you like the most. By the way, as a variation, you could have two swing gates joined in the middle to make a single sliding gate. This still looks like two swing gates but slides open across the driveway entrance.

Aluminium gates we supply range in cost from a few hundred pounds for pedestrian gates up to a £2000 to £4000 for bespoke, contemporary or classically designed driveway gates.


What Are Electric Gate Motors Prices?

Gate motors physically open and close gates and can be called external gate closers or gate openers, electric gate operators or gate automation motors.

Generally speaking, gate automation motors increase in costs in the following order:


Automatic Sliding Gates

A sliding gate (also known as rolling gates) only uses a single motor, and one external gate closer nearly always costs less than two. The type and size of the motor will be determined by the size and weight of the gate and how often it will be opened and closed. A heavier gate operated frequently will need a more expensive motor than one used to operate a lighter gate a few times a day.

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external gate closer

Swing Gate Openers and Motors

The cost of swing gate motors as also affected by their duty or work cycle and the weight of the gates they will operate. But, unlike sliding gate motors, there is a variety of swing gate motors and the different designs and mechanisms used also affects gate motor prices.

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Articulated Arm Gate Motors

articulated arm gate motor costs

These gate operators use a jointed arm between the motor and gate. They are relatively simple and don’t need expert installation so can be one of the least expensive swing gate options.


Ram And Linear Screw Gate Motors

Linear screw gate motors

Ram and linear screw gate motors require careful installation and, although fairly simple design, may cost more than comparable articulated arm gate motors.


Underground Gate Motors

Underground gate motor prices

Underground gate automation requires careful installation and groundworks to provide adequate drainage for these submerged motors. Added to their initial cost, which includes foundation boxes, and underground motors are one of the most expensive options in gate automation.


In-Post Gate Motors

In-post motors have a highly compact design that allows them to be mounted inside specially made gate posts. They are another expensive gate automation option.

Gate motors range in price from a few hundred pounds for low intensity articulated arm motors for lightweight gates up to an average of £1000 for a pair of domestic underground motors and their foundation boxes. Commercials gate motors for high work cycle gates big enough to allow commercial vehicles including articulated lorries to pass through will cost substantially more.


Custom Gates

Of course, if the type of gate is very different from the norm, or the installation of the gate is more problematical for some reason, the gate company are going to charge you more.


How Much Do Electric Gates Cost To Run?

Electric gates don’t cost much to operate, and their running costs will depend on how much they are used. In standby, an electric gate system will use about 100 watts per day.  With electricity costing around 15p per KWh this translates to 1.5p per day.

how much do automatic gates costs to run

When the gates are operating, they will use up to about 700W, but this is only for about 20 seconds in each direction. This adds up to about 0.2p for each complete opening and closing cycle of the gates. An average set of domestic gates operates to 15 times a day which works out to be about 3p per day based on the above prices.

So, over an entire year the electricity cost for gates operating up to 15 times a day (which is quite a lot) will be in the region of £15.

Electric Gate Installation Costs

Electric gate installation costs are largely determined by groundworks and type of gates. Groundworks include pillars, posts and underground motor installation and drainage provision, plus of course the cost of providing a certified electrical supply to the gate.

how much do electric gates cost

As described above, some gate motors are more expensive than others, but the level of groundworks plays a significant part in the total cost. Installing sliding gates sounds like it should be the cheapest as there is only one gate and one motor. However, track needs to be laid for the gate to move along and this can require digging up the driveway. Subsequently, the groundworks can make these simpler systems just as expensive to install as swing gates.

With swing gates, underground motors require careful alignment as the motor forms the bottom gate hinge. They also require holes in the ground for mounting and drainage.  Without provision for sufficient water drainage, underground motors can remain submerged in water which will cause them to fail.

The cost to install electric gates is determined in some respect by the quality of the installation company chosen. As the gate engineer you choose will be responsible for the creation and installation of a safe electric gate system tailored to your unique needs, cutting corners to save money is not recommended.

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Repair and Maintenance Costs For Electric Gates

Larger costs will be incurred from maintenance visits. These will vary depending on your gate system and how far away your chosen gate engineer / technicians are. Sufficient maintenance to ensure reliable operation and a long life for your electric gates is likely to be around £150 - £300 per year.

Gate reapair and maintenance costs

Some companies will offer just a basic cost for a maintenance visit to check the system and then quote for any remedial works as required.  Other companies may offer a comprehensive maintenance/guarantee contract which would include replacement parts, but these will be substantially more expensive.

Most electric gate system manufacturers offer a guarantee on their equipment from new. This encourages you to use installers who buy from reputable sources in the UK so that these guarantees are honoured. When you check this with your gate engineer, also check that their labour is included as part of the guarantee they give you.

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How to get the installation right first time?

As with any home improvement, planning the whole thing is key. Most of these can be avoided by getting a gate installation expert involved as they will ensure that basic errors, like ordering a gate that is not the same width as the space between the posts, are not made. (When you do this you are forgetting to allow for the gate posts and gate fittings).


What is the normal lead time for getting your gates fitted?

The issue here is not so much whether the components of your preferred gate are in stock, but rather how busy the gate installation company is likely to be. The best thing is to allow around 12 weeks for the overall process (this time span will vary, the biggest factor being the nature of the gates themselves, as the fabrication process itself can take up to 10 weeks). Of course, normal gates can be installed by experienced DIYers. Fully automated gate systems are best left to the experts however.


How difficult is it to maintain wooden gates?

maintain wooden gates

The situation everyone using wooden gates dreads is ending up with a warped gate. Of course, you can reduce the risk by choosing hardwood, but whatever you do, nothing can be considered as a fit-and-forget option.

Basically, there are no quick fixes, the key being regular and thorough maintenance.


Do I need planning permission?

It is always worth checking with your local planning officer BEFORE you purchase your gates.  They will be happy to give you free advice, and if you proceed without their advice and they do not like what you have done, they can make you remove the gates altogether.

The basic rule is that if the gate is over 1 metre high and next to a highway used by vehicles, or over 2 metres elsewhere, you will need permission. Click here for full details.


The Top 5 Tips to Ensure Success:

  • Always remember to allow for the width of the gate posts (or better still get an engineer to install the gate as they are unlikely to forget anything).
  • Do consider having a ‘pedestrian’ gate if you are likely to be leaving on foot on a regular basis.
  • You can automate just about any type of gate, but do remember that the biggest issues are likely to be generated by the installation process, not the kit itself.
  • Do choose a style that fits your property and those around it.
  • Whilst automated gates increase security, do not go overboard in this area as it is best to avoid making the property look impenetrable. This can be the case with a the 6ft close-boarded wooden gate as well as the pointy iron railheads on smaller gates.


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