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Nice FLO2 433.92MHz 2 channel transmitter

433.92 MHz radio-controlled system with programmable code 1024 combinations.

Flo differs from FloR as it is produced in the classical Nice blue.

The system includes:

Transmitters with 1, 2, 4 channels (FLO1, FLO2, FLO4);

Universal receivers with 1 or 2 channels, universal modular, Nice plug-in connector or for universal outdoors IP53;

The aerial can be incorporated in the Lucy flashing light or in the universal outdoor IP53 receiver, or fixed with a bracket.

Number of Buttons1, 2 or 4
Button ColourBlue
Case ColourBlue
Coding TypeFixed Code Programable
Power Supply12 Vdc + 20%-40% with 23 A battery

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Nice FLO2 433.92MHz 2 channel transmitter

  • £18.75 +VAT
  • £22.50 Inc VAT