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Gate Automation Supplies is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of the Genius range of swing and sliding gate automation kits, motors and parts.  

We know the Genius range very well and regularly provide advice on the best Genius kit for the job, technical support and troubleshooting advice. If you need any help, our phone number is 03300 883 890 and our email address is  

You can buy Genius swing gate kits and motors plus kits and motors for sliding gate automation here in our online store. We sell 24Vdc and 230Vac gate automation systems and individual Genius motors for residential and commercial installations.  

We’ve broken down Genius range into swing gate motors and sliding gate motors and given a brief description of each of their benefits and ideal applications at the bottom of this page. 


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Genius Gate Automation

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Genius SIROCCO2524LS 24Vdc linear screw motor for swing gate up to 2.5m

With opening & closing limit switches - The mechanical stop at opening & closing makes in..

£273.65 Ex VAT £328.38 Inc VAT

Genius TRIGON 02 230Vac irreversible ram for swing gates up to 3m

Ideal for applications on leaves where there is a long distance between leaf and hinge which prevent..

£343.20 Ex VAT £411.84 Inc VAT

Genius TRIGON 02 24Vdc irreversible ram for swing gates up to 3m

Ideal for applications on leaves where there is a long distance between leaf and hinge which prevent..

£339.95 Ex VAT £407.94 Inc VAT

Genius Kilo 868Mhz 2 or 4 channel transmitter

Newly redesigned look for a fresh and functional style, easy to use, ensuring full compatibility wit..

£27.50 Ex VAT £32.99 Inc VAT

Genius single channel 868MHz receiver

868MHz single channel plug-in receiver Molex 5 PIN  ..

£49.47 Ex VAT £59.36 Inc VAT

Genius VEGA BUS Self-aligning External Photocell

Vega Photocells are available in standard and bus versions.1. Self-aligning, external photocells in ..

£60.19 Ex VAT £72.23 Inc VAT

Genius VEGA Standard Self-aligning External Photocell

Vega Photocells are available in standard and bus versions.1. Self-aligning, external photocells in ..

£51.94 Ex VAT £62.32 Inc VAT

Genius BRAIN18 24Vdc Control board

Suitable for one or two motors - Function Logics - Automatic / Automatic step by step / Semi-auto..

£243.10 Ex VAT £291.72 Inc VAT

Genius BRAIN592 230Vac Control board with limit switches

Suitable for one or two motors - Simple or complete work times learning with or without slow-down..

£169.65 Ex VAT £203.58 Inc VAT

Genius 713009 manual release key for Euro-Bat motor

It contains two 713009 keys.  The manual release key is suitable for Genius Euro-Bat Motors..

£11.33 Ex VAT £13.60 Inc VAT

Genius central operating lever for Genius Roller

Genius central operating lever for Genius Roller ..

£66.40 Ex VAT £79.68 Inc VAT

Genius Foundation Box for Genius ROLLER motor

Anti-corrosion cataphoresis treatment and galvanised steel cover- Self-supporting foundation box in ..

£88.91 Ex VAT £106.69 Inc VAT

Genius front brackets kit pack of 6 for automated ram gate motors - DISCONTINUED

Genius front brackets pack of 6 for automated ram gate motors.Pack of 6 ( h.77mm)..

£23.14 Ex VAT £27.77 Inc VAT

Genius lever release for Roller motor 110 degree opening

For maximum automatic gate leaf length of 3.5 m..

£72.15 Ex VAT £86.58 Inc VAT

Genius manual release key for G-Bat Motors

Unlock key 6020513 for engine swinging door G-BAT swing gate motors.It contains one single piece and..

£6.45 Ex VAT £7.74 Inc VAT

Swing Gate Automation From Genius 

Genius Underground Swing Gate Motors 


Gate automation using underground gate motors gives a discrete and clean look that is much-loved by homeowners in the UK. As the motors are installed in foundation boxes below the surface at the bottom hinge of each gate, only the box lid and the motor arm that is attached to the bottom of the gate are visible. 

There are downsides with this type of installation, however. These include the need to carefully align the motors during installation. If the motor output shaft is not perfectly in the line with the gate’s top hinge, extra stress is placed on the system.  

Underground motors can be described as waterproof but are not designed to be submerged for more than a few minutes. This means that any underground gate automation must have sufficient drainage to prevent water from collecting in foundation boxes. 

One last thing to consider with Genius underground gate motors is the position of the motor in relation to the power needed to move the gates. As you apply opening and closing force further away from the hinge, you need less and less power to get the gates moving. Move closer to the hinge and you need to apply more force. Underground motors are actually the bottom gate hinge, so they need to be stronger than other types of swing gate motors. 


Genius Roller underground swing gate motor


Genius Roller Underground Motor 


  • Suitable for swing gates up to 3.5m meters long or a maximum weight of 500Kg when used with gate locks to hold the gate closed. 
  • Without locks, the maximum safe gate leaf length is 2m. 
  • Add motor opening angle accessories and, if you’ve got the space, the standard gate opening angle of 1100 can be extended to either 1400 or a maximum of 1800. 
  • And if you live anywhere near the coast saltwater corrosion of the motor housing and foundation box is kept at bay by a coating of tough polyester paint. 




Genius Diablo underground swing gate motor


Genius Diablo Underground Motor 


  • The slimline Genius Diablo is one of the newest motors in the Genius range.
  • It is a 24Vdc underground motor that is perfect for residential installations.  
  • The Diablo can open gate leaves up to 2.5m long, through an arc of up to 1800. 
  • The picture shows the Genius Diablo in its foundation box with the manual release in operation to partially disengage the gate mounting arm from the motor drive shaft. 



Genius Linear Screw Swing Gate Motors 

Linear screw motors are efficient, strong swing gate motors. An internally threaded gate mount is screwed onto a threaded shaft inside the motor housing. As the motor turns the threaded shaft, the gate mounting point moves along its length. As it moves away from the gate motor it pushes the gate closed. Reversing the rotation of the motor and threaded shaft winds the gate mounting point the other way and the gate opens. 

As long as linear screw motors are carefully aligned when installed to avoid unnecessary stress, they are highly reliable gate motors. 


Genius Mistral linear screw swing gate motor

Genius Linear Screw Mistral Motor 

  • The Genius Mistral comes in 24Vdc and 230Vac versions.  
  • There are two versions of each for gates up to 3m or 4m long. 
  • The Mistral has a higher work cycle than the Genius Euro- and G-Bats. 
  • The mains versions have a maximum of 30% frequency of use at 200C for the Mistral 300 and 25% for the Mistral 400. 
  • The 24V Mistral 324 is rated at 100% and the Mistral 424 has a 75% frequency of use. 



Genius G-bat swing gate linear screw motor


Genius Euro-Bat and G-Bat Linear Screw Motors 


  • Genius Euro-Bats and G-Bats come in 24Vdc or 230Vac variants. 
  • All versions are powerful liner screw motors for swing gates from 3m up to 4m long. 
  • Euro-Bat and G-Bat swing gate motors come as left hand or right hand versions. 
  • It’s always worth remembering that these motors are handed when buying a single Euro-Bat or G-Bat. 





Genius Sirocco Linear screw swing gate motor


Genius Sirocco Linear Screw Motor


  • The Genius Sirocco linear screws come in 24Vdc and 230Vac versions. 
  • This is a great motor for residential swing gates up to 2.5m.   
  • Knowing the UK’s climate as they do, Genius have done everything to prevent corrosion by making the motor’s exposed parts in stainless steel.  
  • Special floating aluminium mounting brackets make the Sirocco perfect for mounting on uneven gate posts. 
  • Genius Sirocco motors are rated for intensive use. 


Genius Articulated Arm Swing Gate Motors 

Articulated arm motors from Genius use an electric motor to rotate a two-piece jointed arm. The other end of the arm is connected to the gate. As the motor rotates one way, the arm pulls the gate open. When it is rotated in the opposite direction, the gate is pushed closed. 

Articulated arm motors are tolerant of slightly less accurate installation than linear screw motors. They can be used on wide pillars as the length of the arm will allow the motor to be installed further from the plane of the gate. 

As articulated arm motors open gates, the two sections of the arm get closer and slowly close the gap between themselves. As this is a potentially a point where someone’s arm could become trapped, owners of articulated arm motors must be made aware of this potential hazard. However, the Genius range of articulated arm motors includes special anti-shearing arms and 24V obstacle detection to avoid this issue. 


Genius Trigon articulated arm motor

Genius Articulated Arm Trigon Motor 


  • Genius Trigon 24Vdcor 230Vac articulated arm motors use long anti-shearing arms.  
  • Where there’s a longer distance between the gate hinge and the motor, the Trigon can be installed without having to cut notches in the gate pillars.  
  • Maximum gate leaf length is 3m when using locking or 2m without electric gate locks. 


Genius Compass swing gate motor

Genius Articulated Arm Compas Motor 


  • Designed to operate swing gates up to a maximum width of 2.5m per gate leaf. 
  • Simple to install and use. 
  • Mechanical stops on opening and closing.
  • Safe use is provided from 24V obstacle detection.
  • The Compas 24C is the main motor that includes the electronic control card and the Compas 24 is the slave motor.
  • Ideal for installation on wider gate pillars and posts.  



Genius Sliding Gate Motors 

Genius sliding gate motors are strong reliable and quiet during operation. Everything is housed inside the protective outer casing with just a few teeth of the motor output drive gear visible. This meshes with a toothed rack running the length of the sliding gate. As the motor turns the cog one way, the gate is opened and when the motor reverses, the gate closes. Sliding gates run on wheels along track laid across the driveway. This should be horizontal so that extra strain placed on a motor pushing a gate uphill and slowing it as it runs downhill is avoided. 

Genius Falcon sliding gate motor



Genius Sliding Gate Falcon Motor 


  • Available in two 230Vac models that will handle sliding gates up to 1400Kg (M14C) or 2000Kg (M20C). 
  • Integrated control board inside the protective ABS motor housing 
  • Control programming is via external buttons the motor cover doesn’t have to be removed. 





Genius Blizzard sliding gate motor

Genius Sliding Gate Blizzard Motor 


  • 230Vac models for sliding gates up to 500Kg and 900Kg.  
  • Controls can be programmed via external buttons and an external display, so the motor cover doesn’t have to be removed. 


The full Genius range also includes gate automation accessories such as safety photocells, keypads, and gate remotes, plus spare parts and replacements.  

Genius also has a range of car park and vehicle access control barriers and bollards plus systems for garage door automation. 

For help or advice choosing the right Genius gate automation equipment and support with installation and repair troubleshooting, call Gate Automation Supplies on 03300 883 890 or email 

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